It was a sunny morning it started a normal day milked the cows moved the caves and move the cows to another paddock  and then I went to the river and it was dry it must of been the cows or it might of been the day walker or the bright yellow sun yes the sun

Maori art

Two weeks ago we went down to the Maori rook art room tahi,room rua and the little kids we went to see how the Maori did the art back then and see how the maori use to live did you know that moa use to be it was very cool and the most cool thing is it was more then a 100 years old.


https://100wc.net I think this tower is alight house it has heaps of quality but it looks like  a big , giant stick it probably weigh about ten million pounds and it would be a great stick for some old people  and old people would be revealed that this stick comes for the great gods so this is why the big grey stick is a great place to get married if you like this story log on to the  one hundred word challenge now say to grandpa hey did you like  that stick I gave you this a big grey one it is big.


I think that I have progressed more then I have at any other schools I have been to and I think I am at my level that I am supposed to be at and I have been progressing this term because of my best teacher in the world and she gives us stuff that is challenging and not stuff that we already know.

3 Things I would change if I could.

1 Thing I would change.

I would make sure there would be no Covid 19.

2 thing I would change.

One thing I would change is racism because people judge people because of there colour.

The 3 thing I would change.

The third thing I would change is is cat fishing because people think that there not beautiful in the out side but it actual matters what is actually in the inside.

10 Things you should know about me.

1. thing you should know about me I am scared of heights.

2.Something else you should know about me I live on a farm.

3.I love basketball.

4.I have a 4 siblings and I am the oldest my sister is annoying.

5. I love pavlova with onions rings.

6.I live in new Zealand.

7.My teacher is Mrs Campbell.

8.I am 11 years old.

9. my favorite food is boil up.

10.My favorite song is ruthless by marma oso.