I think that I have progressed more then I have at any other schools I have been to and I think I am at my level that I am supposed to be at and I have been progressing this term because of my best teacher in the world and she gives us stuff that is challenging and not stuff that we already know.

3 Things I would change if I could.

1 Thing I would change.

I would make sure there would be no Covid 19.

2 thing I would change.

One thing I would change is racism because people judge people because of there colour.

The 3 thing I would change.

The third thing I would change is is cat fishing because people think that there not beautiful in the out side but it actual matters what is actually in the inside.

10 Things you should know about me.

1. thing you should know about me I am scared of heights.

2.Something else you should know about me I live on a farm.

3.I love basketball.

4.I have a 4 siblings and I am the oldest my sister is annoying.

5. I love pavlova with onions rings.

6.I live in new Zealand.

7.My teacher is Mrs Campbell.

8.I am 11 years old.

9. my favorite food is boil up.

10.My favorite song is ruthless by marma oso.

100 word challenge

Once upon a time  there was a boy and he was a boy that had a secret superpower that he didn’t Evan know about and he had a birthday and the grandpa gave him a bike but he didn’t Evan know  that is was magical.But one day he went for a bike ride and there was bulling they throw him off a hill but before he fall over the bike tilted and stayed there and the the bike  biked back up the hill but the boy thought he was hallucinating and then he went and told the bullies never to bully him again or get a taste of your medicine and they never bullied him again.The end.

By Truze.



Remember the big Holiday

Remember that time

You went down to the sunny warm grass?

Remember that time

You went down to the coral reef and when you got 

Out it was as cold as an ice block?

That was summer.


Remember that time when your tummy was so 

Empty that you wanted takeaways?

Remember that time when you went to

Bed so early so you could go to a


That was summer


Remember that time 

When you went to Timaru and bought clothes and


Remember that time when you had a yummy barbecue with your cousin,aunts and uncles?

Remember that time 

When you went to Arcade and you spent all your

Pocket money there?

That was summer.

By Truze